We are a group of technologists working to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and Capitol Hill
How can you tell if democracy is working? How have the needs of constituents changed in the new age of the internet? What does a connected democracy look like? What if your government was re-designed with you in mind?
We believe that representative democracy is one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind... but it has a scaling problem. It's an invention responsible for enormous increases in human development and well-being that is struggling to deal with demands put upon it by a vast constituency and a rapidly changing technological landscape. As our expectations for our elected officials have changed, so too must the tools we give them to serve us. At Indigov, we are building those tools.
570 k
elected officials in the US
$ 31 b
every year
to manage
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messages from citizens

About us

We are a group of silicon valley technologists who have dedicted our careers to serving, developing and innovating at the intersection of technology and government. We are passionate about approaching complex problems with first order thinking, stripping them down to their base factors and building innovative solutions to solve them. Our goal is to make government more efficient through effective technologies.


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